Create Augmented Reality apps in your client’s brand.

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New Augmented Reality software for creatives.

Welcome to visionar’s latest solution for creatives!
v-reality is agencies newest key to create amazing Augmented Reality apps. Make your images in print and online come to live through interactive digital data. Augmented Reality is the new way of advertising or generating more attendance on your company, product or what every you like to become more noticed.


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is hidden digital content behind target images only visible through mobile devices. AR describes the process of overlaying real images with unlimited multimedial information, such as further images, videos, links, interactive buttons, music and other media data. Print and online versions of the target can give more information than just the one on first impression – the perception of reality expanses. This is what AR is – implicating a sense of virtual reality to ordinary images.


Develop AR apps without programming knowledge.

v-reality makes you become the programmer without any knowledge about programming. Design your individual app with our v-reality management tool and release it to the most common app stores to make it available to every customer all around the globe. Upload content to your target images whenever and how often you want. You work with v-reality, you manage it, you decide on the content and we are still there to support you and make your Augmented Reality performance become the best it could possibly get.

v-reality gives you the skills to create apps for iOS and Android fast and cost-effective. Let the content be yours, keep your Corperate Identity not only in the campaigne but also in the frontend itself. Name your App how you want it to be named without any link to visionar. Transfer v-reality to your tool and individualize it with your or your clients logo. Make the program look as if it is yours and brand the interface in your company’s colors, icons, logos, etc.


InDesign plugin for your boundless workflow.

Stay in your workflow. As we are aware that creatives want to work at the most efficient way, we want you to stay in your workflow and programmed an InDesign plugin. No need for you to upload files wasting worthy time and resources. Just work with the programs you and your colleges are used to and keep all versions and content in our library. Of course the only one with access to look up your content in this library is you and the persons you give access. Change contents but keep all versions, in case of reusing target images, videos, articles, images, sales actions, etc. Stay in your workflow, but safe!

Click on the logo to download our InDesign plugin.

Change the AR effects and try it right away.

You can build, update and manage all your apps from one single and convenient control panel. The v-reality creating tool is easy to handle and can be branded too. This way you can decide whether you work in the web interface alone or give your client access to edit their own apps. Yet there are functions like InDesign plugin, content storage in the library or brandable surfaces for the whole program frontend. We are working on further possibilities! Keep updated with all news about v-reality and visionar with our monthly newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Try our AR features for free.

Overlay your print material or online images with photos and videos, audio files and links. visionar offers you these features to create a convincing total product. Just give v-reality a try: Sign up today and build an AR app for free, upload the content relevant to your client and be prepared for your next presentation. Our Pricing is clear and transparent. One price, no surprise. First pay when you release your apps to the stores! Work with it and use all features without any constrictions. More about Terms of Use and Pricing.


Release your apps into the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Just a few clicks to release your app to the stores. Decide weather the publishing should be automated or decide on a certain date you want to kick-off. Please note the detailed information about the different release processes to Apple Store and Google Play. For any further information about publishing please contact our supporting team.

Great prospects in Augmented Reality.

The future is augmented – be part of it! What the voices of the market say:

200 million
Augmented Reality users

by the year 2018. That’s over three times more than today.

30 %

of the Augmented Reality
market expected by 2018.

2.6 billion
Euro sales volume

will be generated via mobile Augmented Reality apps by 2016.